SeaPort-e: Quality Assurance


AEEC is committed to continual improvement and performing each engagement to the utmost quality. Quality is a part of every activity we do and is ingrained in our management philosophy and approach to customer satisfaction as part of our ISO and CMMI core competencies. Our stringent quality assurance guidelines that we impose as an organization are ingrained in all our employees who then utilize that knowledge in our services to each other and to our customers to provide exceptional quality and customer support.

To ensure proper quality control measures are used for all tasks, AEEC follows the philosophy of our Quality Plan and utilizes those standards for all project and task specific needs to be inclusive of the multi-disciplinary requirements for the company. Project specific QA plans include a clear and concise description of the project, a detailed project organization chart; a complete list of project objectives; assignment of qualified personnel to accomplish and review specifications and additional project deliverables to ensure completeness and accuracy, assignment of the appropriate manager to review and provide oversight to all project activities; detailed quality measures and metrics; and a continuous improvement process.

We measure performance using meaningful metrics and drive efficiencies through automation and reduction of process variation wherever practical. AEEC’s established system of quality control provides us with assurance that engagements are performed in accordance with company, professional, and contractual standards.

To meet our continual improvement and customer satisfaction objectives, we have implemented the following quality objectives:

  • Assigning Personnel to Engagements: All work is performed by persons having at least the minimum educational and technical training necessary to fulfill the task or project requirements.
  • Supervision and Internal Review: All work performed meets the company’s standards of quality.
  • Security: All work is performed with the highest standards for information security, safety and quality by following applicable company, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Course Corrections: Key objectives and performance indicators are established and reviewed, with corrective action and risk mitigation taken as needed.
  • Delivery: Project requirements are completed on time and accepted by the customer.
  • Inspection: Procedures designed to maintain the quality of the firm’s practice are effectively applied.
  • Continuous Improvement: Execution capabilities, productivity and performance trend upward and meet or exceed customer expectations.


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