Information Technology

AEEC is the go-to partner for innovative, quality information technology solutions. We have a proven track record of performance and delivery excellence to our clients in government and industry. Our solutions increase productivity, profitability, and add competitive advantage. Our core competencies include:

Big Data and Data Analytics
Cyber Security and Role Based Access Control
Cloud Computing
Health IT
Interoperability & Integration
DevOps & Agile Development
Enterprise Architecture
Mobile Apps & Internet of Things (IoT)
Operations & Maintenance
Procurement & Financial Systems

AEEC provides value to our customers by executing IT engagements based on best practices (such as CMMI and ITIL) while streamlining process complexity. Our consistent 100% satisfaction rating from customers demonstrates that we have mastered the art of delivering quality IT solutions that provide value to each business we serve.

We strive to serve our customers with a solutions-oriented approach that goes beyond performing on the deliverables of a contract. Instead, we adopt the perspective of a business partner to each client we serve, advocating solutions that keep the long-term interests of our customers in mind and providing them with access to our Innovation Lab where they can learn about and test new technologies and custom proofs of concept (PoCs) without the commitment of a contract. AEEC customers can feel confident that they are working with a company that takes their best interests to heart and adheres to industry best practices in all areas of work.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support

AEEC is experienced in providing solutions on key IT Leadership and Management issues that have enterprise-wide impact. AEEC has performed CIO support work at USPTO (Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture and Integration), DHS (Modernization), IRS (Business Rules and Requirements), DOI (Electronic Records Management), and other agencies. Our solutions include governance recommendations, program and business case analysis, design, innovation, and risk management. Specific activities include:

  • IT Architecture Support: Providing all aspects of IT architecture, including software and hardware recommendations and pricing as needed.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and assessing possible discrepancies and working with customers to enact resolutions. These resolutions include adjusting activities and resource utilization to meet changing management priorities, agile action to meet changes in scope and business requirements, and more.
  • Program Analysis & Implementation: Evaluating and assessing the cost benefits from possible solutions against prioritized requirements and business drivers to arrive at the optimal solution for the program or project.
  • Program Management Office Support: Providing full Program Management support for projects and enterprise programs.
  • Advisory and Assistance Services: Providing strategic and technology advice and assistance on matters inside, and even beyond, the scope of each project.
  • Market Research: Researching and identifying the industry best practices and most suitable products for evaluation in each project.
  • Workforce Management: Selecting and managing all resources needed for a project. This includes sub-contractors and partner staff engaged on projects for which AEEC is the prime contractor.

Big Data & Data Analytics

AEEC has partnerships with IBM Watson Analytics, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Tableau, Tibco, IBM Bluemix and strong relationships with many other leaders in Big Data innovation. Our big data science team is composed of business analysts, data architects, and data scientists that provide strong business acumen and the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders. We architect entire agency solutions, enhance existing environments, and build analytic models that learn from data and utilize our machine learning capabilities to apply complex algorithms in the most cost effective way.

Our Big Data service offerings include:

  • Big Data Architecture
  • Data Integration Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Analytics
  • Visualizations

Case in point: AEEC interviewed USPTO stakeholders, gathered documentation resources, and developed big data requirements that aligned with the agency’s strategic plan and business goals. We then developed USPTO’s Big Data architecture in a hybrid cloud environment using the Hadoop Framework to pull data from USPTO systems and provide the agency with its first ever big data capability, helping USPTO meet its White House Big Data and Open Data initiative objectives while providing them with valuable insights. For example, we have developed and continue to develop a series of use cases and prototypes aimed at improving patent quality, providing USPTO with analytics and a search capability for identify high risk patent applications, and creating a dashboard for USPTO’s Quality branch to view patent application analytics.

Cloud Computing

AEEC is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer Consulting Partner and Reseller. We provide cloud services and other cloud computing subject matter expertise to our customers that enable maximum business agility and help agencies fully realize the benefits of cloud computing by providing them with an enterprise-wide cloud computing strategy and an array of solutions.

We compare, verify, and test cloud options against customer needs to help our customers determine which cloud provider is best suited to fit their needs, which cloud solution type (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) they need, and which environment (public, private or hybrid) can best address their security and sharing requirements.

Our hybrid cloud solutions and hosting capabilities in our iLab enable a flexible, security-rich business and IT response to the shifting and evolving needs of industry. After deploying servers on various cloud providers, we check security vulnerabilities and conduct performance tests. This includes support for mobile application framework, orchestration, APIs, NoSQL, Big Data, and workflow.

Through the iLab, we are able to duplicate our customer’s unique environmental challenges, test and evaluate new tools and technologies, and conduct application migrations to provide stakeholders with the confidence they need to make decisions before committing to any particular tool, technology or new contract.

Software Development and Operations & Maintenance

AEEC's leadership is comprised of professionals from a very diverse range of technology backgrounds; we understand every aspect of Software Development from the bottom up. Combined with our extensive industry experience providing large-scale enterprise solutions, this gives AEEC an edge over the competition in identifying and implementing the most appropriate technologies and solutions architecture for our customers' needs.

In a constantly evolving technology landscape, AEEC provides the advantage of agility by cross-training staff and offering a team of subject matter experts and industry professionals with the skills and experience that best meet each project's needs.

To ensure delivery of the highest quality solutions, AEEC follows established IT best practices as demonstrated by our CMMI for Development Level 3 certification. We specialize in Agile development and DevOps implementations, and we encourage our customers to use these methods to improve quality, reduce cost and reduce time to implement, but we also support more traditional SDLC methodologies as requested, including waterfall.

AEEC has also delivered top-quality services in IT Operations and Maintenance across multiple engagements. Our IT O&M solutions benefit from our years of experience successfully implementing and maintaining projects. Here are a couple of examples:

  • At USDA, AEEC was the prime contractor for a large Operations and Maintenance contract that included all aspects of O&M. The AEEC team’s dedicated and successful performance earned a 100% satisfaction rating for each month of the contract.
  • At DHS Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), as part of our Modernization efforts (a long-term systems integration project), the AEEC team has performed O&M on the development, test, and production environments to support the development and rollout of new system releases.

Procurement & Financial System Support

AEEC provides full lifecycle support for contract writing systems and financial systems. We specialize in the PRISM procurement system which we support across multiple agencies and sub-agencies at DHS, USDA and NRC. Our SMEs provide support across 12 task areas:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • IT Security
  • Data Migration from PRISM to a New Contract Writing System or Integrated Financial Solution
  • Data Migration from a Contract Writing System or Financial Solution to PRISM
  • PRISM Implementation for Newly Added Groups or Components
  • Help Desk Support (Tiers 0, I, II, III and IV)
  • Training (Class Based and Computer Based)
  • Report Writing
  • Business Consulting
  • User Manuals, Training Manuals and Quick Reference Guides
  • Asset Management System Integration
  • Financial Management System Integration

AEEC understands that one of the biggest challenges our customers face is that the wide range of procurement and financial software products makes the task of integrating systems all the more challenging. Further complications stem from limited, inaccurate and/or unclear information with respect to which systems will integrate and configure best with one another.

To eliminate this challenge, AEEC developed the Procurement Financial Interface (PFI), improving performance and eliminating the need for manual entry of data between agency procurement and financial systems. PFI uses machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and process automation to automatically send and receive data between procurement, financial and reporting systems, and has the capability to integrate with other systems an agency might deem necessary.  PFI is a more efficient, flexible and scalable solution that is less expensive and quickly deployable, making it a better value and higher quality product than any other product or middleware on the market today whose purpose is to connect otherwise incompatible, non-communicative data systems.