AEEC’s Environmental Division focuses on designing, evaluating, and implementing environmental remediation and compliance solutions. We have been recognized by our customers as a strong partner for successful program execution and elimination of environmental liabilities. Our team strives to develop the most efficient compliance plans in accordance with all relevant regulations.


AEEC professionals have repeatedly demonstrated top-notch solution capabilities soil, groundwater, wastewater, and solid waste. Our team has experience dealing with a wide range of contaminants, including organic compounds, petroleum, LNAPLs, DNAPLs, chlorinated solvents, and metals.


System Optimization

AEEC encourages innovative thinking, rigorous processes, and commitment to system optimization. Our strong Design and O&M teams deliver results by working together with our clients to find optimal solutions that increase system performance. We have provided system optimization services in the areas of information management, wastewater treatment, pump-and-treat, and monitoring systems. AEEC’s system optimization solutions result in lower costs and increased performance.


Remediation and Closure

AEEC professionals have designed, evaluated, and implemented a variety of remediation systems. Our innovative in-situ remediation approaches have included pump and treat, soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, air sparging, free product recovery, in-site chemical oxidation, passive reactor barriers, interception trenches, bioventing, and phytoremediation.

AEEC’s Design and O&M groups work closely together to attain closure as their ultimate remediation goal. AEEC’s past remediation solutions have included both simple and complex designs that effectively isolate and remove contaminants. As part of our remediation solutions, we continuously evaluate the progress of remediation systems to consistently meet performance requirements, reduce costs, expedite remediation progress, and identify potential modifications and augmentations.



AEEC applies a wide array of modeling tools in order to effectively model site conditions. Our modeling experience includes finite differences, finite element, 2-D, 3-D, multiphase, vadose zone concentrations, biodegradation, transport, fate, and animation. Conceptual models are applied by integration into the underlying grid system. The model output is calibrated to determine the uncertainties or inefficiencies of a monitoring network. The model output also allows us to generate graphic representations of site conditions.



AEEC considers mapping a powerful key component for developing a true understanding of any computer-generated model. Our graphic illustrations convey information in a clear, concise manner that allows our clients to gain knowledge and make decisions. AEEC uses static, dynamic, 2-D, and 3-D graphical representations, as well as aerial photography, ArcView, ArcEditor, AutoCAD, MicroStation, and The Visualization Toolkit.


SPCC Plans

AEEC professionals are experts in developing and updating Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. We have developed SPCC plans for government and private sector clients in the following states: Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, California, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We have the experience and capabilities necessary to concurrently develop SPCC plans for various sites in multiple states.



AEEC has extensive experience in field sampling following EPA protocol and standards. All sampling is performed by certified field technicians. AEEC has applied innovative sampling technologies, including micropurging and passive diffusion. To facilitate sampling, AEEC possesses a fully equipped sampling truck. AEEC has experience performing sampling of various media under all types of environmental conditions in a number of states.


Public Information

AEEC has extensive experience in assessing and providing information about environmental efforts to the public. This includes not only receiving, analyzing, categorizing, and summarizing public comments, but also providing information for public and federal agency review. AEEC is constantly striving to implement innovative ideas to expedite the process of public comment analysis and response.