U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

AEEC was awarded a five year IDIQ for Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture and Integration (IDEAI 2) IT Services and Support by the USPTO. AEEC’s teaming partners include ManTech International Corporation, Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i), Chartis Consulting, Pi-Coral Inc., and Ironclad Technology Services.

AEEC’s scope includes providing system development life cycle support, technology system planning, system design, infrastructure engineering, network engineering, system engineering, accessibility engineering, enterprise architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and implementation activities in support of new automated information systems and enhancements of existing systems to improve the patent and trademark application processing and dissemination of patent and trademark information to the public.

Infrastructure: AEEC provides secure design and implementation of changes to USPTO infrastructure, performs research and provides technical and systems engineering advice, supports the development of advanced technologies for information dissemination and exchange, and supports information technology security. AEEC advises and assists the USPTO in Infrastructure Engineering activities including but not limited to: investigating methods of UNIX, LINUX, and Windows server clustering; investigating methods of increasing UNIX, LINUX and Windows server performance through the use of load balancing; designing, prototyping, and implementing a multiple vendor-based SAN with the existing and future server and storage devices. AEEC designs and develops server-less backup and standards based data migration functions over the SAN; and assists in the engineering design and implementation of Fiber Channel (FC) connectivity between the server farms and the USPTO enterprise data storage devices using Fiber Channel hubs and/or switches.

Design: AEEC advises and assists the USPTO in the design of systems that support emerging enterprise architectures for areas such as IT infrastructure, security, application integration, application architecture, data architecture, and distributed computing.

Engineering: AEEC supports the USPTO in the provision of a full range of infrastructure engineering design, enterprise architecture standards, prototyping, and integration, including concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, systems design, integration, and deployment.

Architecture: AEEC provides the analysis, standards, decision support, enterprise system, application, and data architectures that deliver practical, timely, and cost-effective solutions for USPTO in support of system/enterprise architecture, application architecture, and data architecture.

Integration: AEEC provides substitution and technology refreshment, including expansion, substitution, and/or technical alteration of the infrastructure, which may require the upgrade of USPTO’s infrastructure, software processes, and methodology. AEEC also provides operational enhancement, including supporting software process, tools improvement, and software development methodology improvement; enhancing technology capabilities of automated information systems and infrastructure to provide external access to the USPTO automated information systems in a secure controlled manner; continuing an information technology security program for fully certifying and accrediting the security of every automated information system; developing standards based on industry best practices, compliant with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA); enhancing and simplifying the technology infrastructure to support business operations in an electronic government environment; and using USPTO’s SDLC practices for improved performance.