U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

AEEC was engaged in providing Operations and Maintenance Services to USDA for the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) system from 2008 – 2014. We received an assessment of 100% for our performance and contribution every month for 64 consecutive months. AEEC managed a team of partners including Compusearch, IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, and DTC Technologies in order to provide USDA with the most effective technical and business resources. AEEC successfully transitioned from the previous vendor, successfully delivered four new IAS releases, successfully implemented a new Hardware Refresh, developed a new IAS website, implemented a new Help Desk team and new procedures and reporting, and added several new Tier 0 resources.

The project scope included overall Program and Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Data Management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and Knowledge Transfer/Training:

  • Program and Project Management: AEEC provided the full range of Program Management and Support. As a regular part of the engagement, every member of the AEEC team provided Program Management leadership, administrative support, and a complete set of processes targeted at issue management and resolution, schedule management, deliverable tracking, and SDLC management.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Our entire team was focused on customer care. We staffed key leadership skills in this area, as we believe that customer care starts with attitude and commitment. Our team was committed from top to bottom to ensuring that the end customer was satisfied, supported, and supplied with the tools and information to do his or her job effectively. We tracked and measured our success with our customers and queried them regularly to ensure their complete satisfaction.
  • Data Management: AEEC provided experienced database administrators to manage IAS data and followed USDA policy ensuring data integrity. Data support included backup management and access procedures to ensure the integrity of the data from data loss caused by system failures or hackers.
  • Software Development Lifecycle: AEEC’s general Requirement and Release methodology consisted of activities that directly aligned to the SDLC for the IAS. Each release of the IAS entailed new functionality to be added to the existing IAS application, or consisted of enhancements to existing system functionality. AEEC supported IAS releases through the management of all steps within the SDLC lifecycle and provided direct support for the requirements, development, testing, and migration and deployment activities.
  • Knowledge Transfer/Training: AEEC developed a Training/Knowledge Management process to determine how to best to approach training efforts based upon analysis of the target audiences, content, available training mechanisms, and targeted training materials.