U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The USCIS Transformation Program Solutions Architect project has the objective of transforming the USCIS Business, Infrastructure, and Organization, and moving USCIS from a paper-based system to an electronic, account-based, paperless platform. The project is focused on three DHS priorities: National Security, Customer Service, and Operational Efficiency. The scope of the project encompasses all labor, hardware, software, supplies, services, and associated equipment to produce outcomes in the Statement of Objectives. The Core Functional Tasks are:

  • Program and Technical Management
  • Architecture and Systems Design
  • Integrated Operational Environment (IOE) Definition, Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Testing
  • Ongoing Delivery and Managed Services
  • Enhancements and Operations and Maintenance

IBM is the Prime Contractor for this contract, and AEEC is a key subcontractor to IBM. IBM’s team is organized into the following Functional Components:

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management
  • Case Management with Document Management and Biometrics Support
  • IT Architecture, Infrastructure Rationalization and Simplification, and Life Cycle IT Development and Implementation Support
  • Integrated Operational Environment

AEEC has provided consulting and technical resources skills in the areas of architecture, web development, database, operations, testing, and training to the IBM team, and continues to work with IBM to staff the project as new requirements arise.