Nuclear Regulatory Commission

AEEC is the prime contractor providing Helpdesk Application Support Services to the NRC for the Strategic Acquisition System (STAQS) at the Acquisition Management Division (AMD). In September of 2013, AEEC successfully supported the initial rollout of STAQS. STAQS processes acquisition transactions across 26 agencies and 4 regions nationwide, supporting over 2,000 users. Support of the STAQS system requires helpdesk support (Tier 1, 2, 3) technicians, desk-side support, software application support (including Compusearch PRISM 7.1 software), and subject matter experts in the area of finance, acquisition, and procurement. Additionally, the Helpdesk supports NRC’s Enterprise Acquisition Toolset (NEAT) for the end users.

AEEC provides a dedicated Program Manager who manages the entire team while providing quality performance, delivery and contract administration. The AEEC Program Manager works directly with the NRC executive management team, each of the NRC Work Stream Leads (functional managers), the end user agency leads, and the STAQS Project Office (represented by an independent contractor).

AEEC provides a complete range of support to the NRC STAQS user community. At the core of this support is our STAQS Help Desk, which provides support via telephone, e-mail, Go to Meeting, and desk-side support. Our Customer Care organization is responsible for user training and documentation, and we are developing a hands-on training program on the procurement system, NRC business process and procurement activities, and STAQS helpdesk for NRC end users.

To date, the AEEC team has exceeded the customer’s expectations at every stage of the project. The deliverables are met on time each month, and the customer is consistently impressed with our team’s knowledge, understanding, and performance on this project. During this transition, we have identified software bugs, inconsistencies with coding, and problems with the interface that we were able to bring to the client’s attention. This has resulted in resolving the issues identified before they become a problem for users. Our expertise and guidance during the implementation has allowed the amount of users to double. We successfully completed Recovery Testing, two Builds, and mitigated interface issues that would have resulted in delayed invoice processing to vendors. Over $120 million worth of awards in STAQS have been obligated.