Internal Revenue Service

As the Prime Contractor, AEEC was engaged with the Business Rules and Requirements Management (BRRM) Office for multiple initiatives. BRRM provides the IRS with a structured methodology and tools for requirements engineering, process modeling, capturing business rules, establishing project alignment with the Enterprise Architecture (EA) and supporting the Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC) in delivery of milestone deliverables.

AEEC’s team provided work in the areas of: Account Management Services (AMS) Domain Architecture and Release work, Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) Release work, Issue Management System (IMS) Requirements Management, Notice Management Information System (NMIS) involving BRRM Guidance and Outreach (G&O) support and the ID Card Media Issuance System (ICMIS) project.


The Account Management Services (AMS) Domain Architecture initiative of the BRRM Project supported the system concept design of the overall AMS Domain within IRS. The efforts primarily focused on describing the project’s future business vision and needs, and the overall system solution concept. It included an identification of core functionality, users, cross-cutting conceptual information, and related tools/systems and technology. The AEEC team worked on behalf of the BRRM Office to provide services to the Business Modernization Office (BMO) in completing Business Process and Requirements Engineering for AMS, including Domain Architecture for the proposed system.


The overall scope of the transition work performed by the BRRM Office and the Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) Program Office consisted of several transition activities for development and management of business rules, business requirements and business process modeling from Prime to BRRM. AEEC’s responsibility and role was primarily focused on developing business process models within System Architect, mapping business rules, and establishing business process model artifact standards and guidelines.


The IRS Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB) regularly performs audits of corporations which fall under its jurisdiction. Many of these audits are large efforts that can require work by teams of Examiners and Specialists for multiple years. To better manage the audit process, LMSB developed the Issue Management System (IMS). The AEEC team, working on behalf of the BRRM Organization, provided business and system requirements analysis and documentation.


The AEEC team worked on behalf of the BRRM Guidance and Outlook (G&O) team to provide requirements management to the Notice Management Information System (NMIS). This work included coaching and mentoring on the BRRM methodology, processes, and documentation. In addition, AEEC engaged on the ICMIS initiative, providing business process engineering expertise, including business and systems requirements analysis and documentation.

AEEC consultants provided Level 2 and Level 3 support on BRRM management projects, which entailed providing support and mentoring for producing project deliverables (L2 support), as well as directly producing deliverables (L3 support). In addition to providing its own consultants, AEEC acquired a number of IBM consultants as subcontractors, who were subsequently transitioned to meet this contract’s objectives.

After the end of the prime contract, AEEC continued to provide service to the IRS as a sub-contractor and executed mission critical projects such as KISAM – an ITIL-based COTS product evaluation and service definition for Asset and Service Management across the IRS. Today, AEEC is a subcontractor to IBM on TIPPS-4.