Federal Emergency Management Agency

AEEC is a first-tier subcontractor to IBM on the FEMA Risk MAP Customer and Data Services (CDS) contract. The objective of the contract is to provide a high level of cooperation across the Risk MAP program contractors, and implement program cost, schedule, scope, and quality management practices that enable reliable and efficient operations and forward-thinking innovation throughout the Risk MAP program. IT Services for this contract include application sustainment, requirements, enhancements, design, development and testing. IT Hosting for this contract include production hosting (MSC), production middleware support, and non-production hosting for tools and interoperable systems.

AEEC provides a host facility in Fairfax, VA to support this effort as well as a team of technical and quality control document control specialists to support FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Map Service Center (MSC). AEEC maintains a repository of legacy, current effective and future effective data available for viewing, downloading, and delivery to the public, government, and contractors. AEEC personnel provide SME support for resolving data issues on the MSC website, developing a new community table and Flood Map Status Information Service (FMSIS) access database, data migration quality control, accounting support, and training new MSC staff.