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Mine Site Constructed Wetland Demonstration Treatability Study

AEEC’s current work at a Mine Site includes the completion of the Constructed Wetland Demonstration Treatability Study for a demonstration-scale passive treatment system, incorporating both horizontal and vertical flow configurations, to evaluate the treatability of mine water. AEEC also completed the design of the vertical flow configuration and associated telemetry system for both configurations. The primary objective of the wetland demonstration is to remove particulate iron and dissolved manganese, cadmium, and zinc present in the mine water to concentrations that are below regulatory discharge limits in a manner that is cost effective, robust, and sustainable. The wetland demonstration design includes specific features that can be used to provide data for full-scale implementation of a constructed wetland. The results of the wetland demonstration will be reviewed to evaluate the potential of full-scale implementation of constructed wetland technology as a treatment remedy.

The purpose of the telemetry system is to demonstrate function, performance, and maintenance requirements of the system in preparation for a full-scale design and to reduce operational requirements during the wetland demonstration. Instrumentation was selected for use in the wetland demonstration in order to identify and evaluate various sensors and approaches to telemetry that can be used as part of a long-term remedy for the site.


Power Generation and Mining Site System O&M

AEEC is providing O&M service for remediation and pumping systems at a power generation and mining site. The remediation systems address free product and are comprised of six fuel oil skimmers and two pneumatic pumps. Recovered fuel oil is recycled. The pumping system includes 16 extraction locations. Water levels and operational data are collected and reported monthly. Maintenance is also provided for each system on an as needed basis and coordinated with site personnel.