Army Corps of Engineers

DDHU Operable Unit 4 Operation & Maintenance and System Modification

With our Joint Venture Partner, TKL, AEEC is maintaining and improving the groundwater extraction system at Operable Unit 4, Defense Depot Hill Utah following the requirements of the approved DA/EPA ESD and Central Weber Sewer Improvement District (CWSID) Discharge Permit. In addition, groundwater sampling and reporting for both OU4 and OU1 are also provided, as well as abandonment of an oil/water separator and much of the existing OU4 system infrastructure (e.g. unnecessary extraction and injection wells, treatment system, piping, etc.).

TKL-AEEC, JV is operating and maintaining the recently modified groundwater extraction system and is demolishing the older, larger system. O&M includes performing required groundwater sampling and reporting required under both the DDHU OU1 and OU4 monitoring programs; annual sampling at OU1 and semiannual sampling at OU4. Operational sampling of effluent from OU4 is also being conducted and reported per the CWSID Discharge permit. Requirements of the discharge permit include an annual permit renewal and payment of monthly discharge fees. O&M activities also include complying with the ESD for the Record of Decision for the OU4/OU4HS wells, maintaining hydrologic control of the OU4/OU4HS groundwater contaminant plume, minimizing system down time through preventative maintenance of the pump and extraction system and response to any system shutdowns at OU4/OU4HS, maintaining a flow rate, performing required groundwater sampling and reporting, and providing responsive service to Army Materiel Command, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).