AEEC Employees Help Veteran / Coworker

Steve Parkinson is a retired Veteran and one of AEEC’s senior field technicians working out of the Utah office. Steve is well-liked, respected by everyone he works with, and is always willing to help others. He is semi-retired and recently began a much needed home remodeling project, planning to do all the work himself. With winter just around the corner, the Utah team became concerned that the project wouldn’t be completed in time. Many of his co-workers have experience in electrical, construction, and plumbing, so to honor him and his service, Preston Rosander, Sam Larsen, James Rivera, Josh Johnson, and Kevin Rubow surprised him by showing up at his home on Veteran’s Day, spending the entire day working on the remodeling project. The Salt Lake City office employees also donated a Home Depot card to help Steve offset the cost of the repairs and modifications. Steve said it was the best Veteran’s Day he had ever spent.

We want to thank all of our Veterans and wish everyone a wonderful Veterans Day!