TiE DC Capital GovCon 2020

AEEC’s CEO, Raj Patil, had the wonderful opportunity to host a panel discussion at TiE DC’s Capital GovCon 2020 on November 4th. Mr. Patil’s distinguished panel discussed innovative technologies in Cybersecurity, Health IT, Hybrid/Cloud, IT modernization as well as evolving technologies around Blockchain, Deep & Machine Learning, AI/AR. As part of AEEC’s giving back to the community philosophy, AEEC’s CEO Raj Patil volunteers as a board member of TiE-DC, a non-profit organization fostering small business entrepreneurs.

The panel members featured were: C. Mohan, Ph.D., who was an IBM researcher for 38.5 years in the database, blockchain and related areas, Pieter De Leenheer, who co-founded the billion dollar data intelligence software company Collibra, and Siddhartha Dalal Ph.D., who completed a risk analysis of Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. During the discussion, audience members were given the unique chance to ask the speakers about their opinions on current trends in the technical field.