SDSC Data West ’19: “The Challenge of Data Leadership: Balancing Privacy, Accountability, and Digital Innovation.”

AEEC was a sponsor of the San Diego Supercomputer Center’s (SDSC) fourth annual Data West Technology Forum, held on December 10th and 11th at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. The theme of Data West ’19 was “The Challenge of Data Leadership: Balancing Privacy, Accountability, and Digital Innovation.” CEO Raj Patil, P.E. and VP of Engineering Kalem Sessions, P.E. and Staff Scientist Rachel Darata participated in the conference.

The Conference was chaired by some of the industry’s leading blockchain experts, including: Professor Lynda Applegate (Harvard Business School), Dr. Jim Short (SDSC), and Dr. Mel Horwitch (Central European Business School, retired).

On behalf of AEEC and under the guidance of Dr. Timothy Mackey (Associate Adjunct Professor at UCSD’s School of Health Sciences Global Health Program), UCSD graduate student Ken Miyachi provided an operating pilot demo of our blockchain solution. This blockchain application offers a tamper-evident and near immutable audit log of Medicare/Medicaid claims. Our solution can be viewed and verified through a shared governance environment by healthcare providers, patients, insurance companies, and regulators. We put the patient at the center, as they will ultimately be the main beneficiary of this solution. In our consortium-based design, the patient has the power to determine if a claim is fraudulent, misbilled, or up coded. They are often in the best position to provide self-reported verification of which services have been rendered. By utilizing transparent rules that govern a distributed blockchain system tracking healthcare information, fraud and abuse can be more efficiently and accurately detected as compared to the current approaches.

AEEC is proud to have taken part in another successful Data West conference. We look forward to continuing our work with SDSC and BlockLAB.


Kalem Sessions, P.E. and Rachel Darata at Industry Presentation of Blockchain Operating Pilot Demo.


UCSD Graduate Student Ken Miyachi Presenting AEEC’s Blockchain Proof of Concept for Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Prevention Solution.