AEEC Hosts Docker Meetup

AEEC is hosting the next Docker Meetup August 16th with guest speaker Mr. Phil Estes on Container Security and New Orchestration Features in Docker 1.12. This meetup is open to the public. Join the Docker Alexandria Meetup group to register to attend at

Security has long been a hot discussion topic when modern Linux containers are compared to other isolation technologies such as virtual machines. Recently on DockerCon’s keynote stage an extremely large enterprise, ADP, who manage highly sensitive personal information for millions of clients, made the bold claim that they came to containers because of, not in spite of, security requirements. In this talk, Phil will walk through the core security capabilities available today in Docker and other container runtimes, and how those capabilities have improved for both pure container isolation, but also improvements and capabilities that touch across the whole lifecycle of a container workflow. Phil will demonstrate recent additions to the Docker engine in 2016 such as user namespaces and seccomp and how they continue to enable better container security and isolation.

Docker 1.12, the latest release of the Docker engine, now includes significant new orchestration features built-in, which were announced during DockerCon Seattle in June. Phil will describe these new “Swarm Mode” capabilities and what they offer for users of this new Docker version in a “what’s new” style presentation on the Docker 1.12 release.